Millar Law Firm, LLC offers FLAT FEES!

black_couple_with_computerHow It Works:

Flat fees are a total up-front, specific amount paid for a legal service and are not a function of traditional hourly billing rates billed against a pre-paid retainer.  Depending on the nature of your case, FLAT FEES can be as low as $500 per case.


Usually fees range from $500 to $3,500, excluding costs/expenses and appeals. Why FLAT FEES? So you know at the beginning how much your lawyer is going to cost at the end.  Period.  There is no incentive for the lawyer to needlessly prolong your case simply to hike up unnecessary hourly legal fees from you.  It is a predetermined amount established at the beginning of the representation.


Installment payments are also accepted! Typically $1,500 is due at signing of the Attorney Employment Agreement if your case is accepted and $500 each month thereafter until paid in full. Method of payment is either cash, money order or credit/debit card via Law Pay (credit cards subject to a 2.95% convenience fee for processing).


What do Millar Law Firm, LLC’s FLAT FEES not include?

Millar Law Firm, LLC’s FLAT FEES DO NOT include costs and expenses, which are due from you in advance, upon request by Millar Law Firm, LLC. These costs and expenses include things like filing fees (usually around $150), service fees (usually around $50 – maybe more if a private process server is required) and deposition costs. If needed (and they may not be given Millar Law Firm’s policy of attempting to settle your case as quickly as possible) deposition charges can be around $600 per deposition. They may include around $300 for court reporter fees and around $300 for transcript fees. Keep in mind, regardless of which attorney you chose, you will be responsible for paying these costs anyway … separately from your attorney.


BUT — Millar Law Firm, LLC DOES NOT charge for postage (other than certified mail, return receipt requested), long-distance telephone charges, cellular phone charges, photocopies, facsimile copies, scanning charges, mileage, computerized legal research, phone call, emails or text messages!


Millar Law Firm, LLC’s FLAT FEES also DO NOT include any appeals and because most cases settle, they also do not include trial of your matter. Otherwise FLAT FEES include all other aspects of your case and you will sign a Notice and Consent to Limited Representation which specifically itemizes what is included and what is not included in the fee. If you wish Millar Law Firm to represent you for any trial or appeal of your matter, you will need to enter into a separate Attorney Employment Agreement with Millar Law Firm, LLC for any trial, appellate or other work you wish for it to perform.


What Happens If I Can’t Pay or Miss a Payment?

Millar Law Firm, LLC gives you a 7-day grace period for which to make up any missed installment payments.  But you’ve got to pay your lawyer!  And just like the phone or utility company shuts off your phone service or electricity for non-payment, if you fail to make a payment as required after the 7-day grace period, you authorize Millar Law Firm, LLC to cease working on your case until you make up your payment and/or withdraw from your representation if it so chooses.

What Happens if I Can’t Pay My Legal Costs/Expenses?

It is your case and your responsibility to pay any required costs, usually in advance. If you can’t pay your legal expenses, you also authorize Millar Law Firm, LLC to withdraw from your representation if it so chooses.

Are Millar Law Firm, LLC’s Flat Fees Nonrefundable?

No! But, you should know that when Millar Law Firm, LLC meets and interviews you, it will take in sufficient information harmful to the opposing side, such that the firm will be conflicted out of and ethically prohibited from representing that opposing side (or any other interested parties) in the case. Because of that conflict and lost business opportunity, if your case is accepted, Millar Law Firm, LLC may then charge a substantial initial fee which is deemed earned in full once the meeting and interview process is complete.

Still Can’t Afford FLAT FEES? No Problem!

Millar Law Firm, LLC also offers UNBUNDLED LEGAL SERVICES, such as premium value consultations for only $100, document review for $250 and ghost-write/document preparation for $400! Contact us for more details and to set up a plan to meet your needs. Millar Law Firm also provides legal coaching for only $500 so you can still represent yourself, but know all the right things to say.